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In our boutique at Ezelstraat, you can find unique handcrafted design pieces for interior and fashion. Our main line is ‘VANHILLE GRUBERT’, which consists of objects, all designed and made inhouse by Vanhille and Grubert. We only use high quality natural materials such as Scandinavian wool, Belgian linens, Danish and French leather and natural sheepskins. 

‘SNEUM’ is our subline, which is made from the same principles, but the graphics endorsing the objects are by Gunnar Sneum - a Danish artist and the grandfather of Emilie Grubert. The drawing we use as our logo, is also by Gunnar Sneum. 

You can also find a changing selection of seating furniture from high ranking designers from mainly Denmark, Holland and Finland.


Beside from this we are the distributor of woolen plaids by the family run Portuguese company Burel and the socially aware company Teixidors, that delivers wonderful handwoven plaids and scarfs. We also have a selection of sheepskins from the Faroe islands, Iceland, Tibet, Holland and Canada, all in the most stunning natural qualities, handmade Danish silver jewellery and much more


We continuously add new collections and items to our range.