Vanhille Atelier


In our atelier in Ezelstraat, you will find expertise in North European and mid-century modern furniture. With a main focus on Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Børge Mogensen, Arne Vodder, Le Corbusier and Pierre Paulin. The focus lies on keeping to the original design. Next to that, there is an expertise in special wood and leather treatment. 

We take pride in keeping to the original making techniques and design, with an equal focus on restoring and treating the wood and leather. We are working closely with colleagues that maintain the same high quality of work, should the pieces contain elements that lay outside our expertise. 


Beside from working for private clients all over Europe, we have an ongoing collaboration with Ampersand House in Brussels, Visavu Design in Holland, a major private Bank in Belgium and furniture galleries in New York, Berlin, Holland and France.  Since several years, we have also been restoring at the Brafa Art fair in Brussels.


In our upholstery atelier we always strive to work as sustainably as possible. This means that we, when possible, always use high quality natural materials free from harmful substances, Belgian CFK-free foams, sustainably farmed and naturally tanned skins, European produced materials, high quality fabrics and always strive to create as little waste as possible. We reuse where we can, but of cause never compromising on the quality.

Because sustainability also means to make something that lasts for many years.

what we do:

•Reupholstery and restoration of furniture, new and old

•Restoration of Damaged wood on tables, chairs and other furniture

•Construction of bespoke furniture and wall panels 

•Bespoke cushions in all sizes and shapes

•Sheepskin carpets from up to 12 skins 

•Bespoke lampshades

picture of work in progress

brands we work with:


picture of finished pieces

Previous projects

This is how it works


Send an email to Jeffrey.vanhille@telenet.be with a picture of your piece or request. With a description of your thoughts on how you wish the piece to be.

(communication can be in Dutch, English, French, German or Danish) 



Within the following 15 workdays, you will receive an email with an estimate of the price (price is excluding VAT). 

Note: This is an estimate, the final price depends on the choice of fabric or leather you choose. 


Please be aware that we have a minimum of 2 months waiting time, to proceed with your order. 

Please do not arrive with the piece, unless we have agreed to receive it. We reserve the right to reject any pieces that are handed in before the above procedures have been followed. 



Next you will be invited for a meeting in our atelier in Ezelstraat, where you will be presented with a range of fabrics or leather to choose from. We are always ready to guide you in anyway needed. If it is a larger piece, we can also arrange a fabric meeting in your own home, to make sure the choice, will be suitable with the rest of your interior. 

Note: We take Covid-19 very seriously and are following all the guidelines by wearing masks, ventilating the rooms and keeping a distance to each other



You will then deliver your piece to our atelier and we will start the work. In some cases we can arrange to pick up your piece for a small fee. 

We are Looking forward to hearing from you.

picture of fabrics and sheepskin

picture of tools

Special thanks to Handmade in Bruges for the video and continuous support.