This wonderfully piece, is more a piece of art, than a utility. We found it in France, but even with excessive amounts of research, we can’t seem to find anything similar to it, which tells us, that at least it is a very rare item. The glaze on it is by some called Volcanic Glaze, which is a type of glaze where the proper use of certain ingredients can cause controlled (somewhat) gaseous explosions in the glaze, producing holes of different types. One of the best known creators of volcanic glazes is Otto Natzler, who fled to US from Austria in 1938, but it was only in the early 1960’s that volcanic glaze and the fat lava glaze became popular. Both West Germany pottery and the potters in French Vallauris embarrassed this unpredictable glaze that fitted very well into the freeform and experimental new wave in ceramics around that time.

Volcano Glaze Jug






Place of origin:



Stoneware with volcanic glaze


Good, with traces of time


Height: 27cm

Width: 13cm



© 2020 Vanhille Grubert

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