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These little silver-plated candleholders from the 1960's, can be turned upside down to be used for either wide or narrow candles.


The candles for this type of candleholders can sometimes be difficult to find, so we asked our supplier of beeswax candles, to produce the candles especially for theses 0.7 candleholders. You can find them here.


Jens Harald Quistgaard (1919-2008) was a Danish sculptor and designer.Already from the mid-1950s, his tableware and kitchenware designs became synonymous with Scandinavian modern, a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

For 3 decades he was the chief designer at the company Dansk Design. His work has been featured at several of the most famous design and art museums in the world. Still to this day, he is praised the world over, for his functional, yet beautiful designs.


HOH Candleholders | Denmark | 1950's-60's



HOH Denmark



Place of origin:



Silver plated stainless steel 


Good, but shows traces of time. 


Height: cm

Width: cm

Candle: 0.7cm/2.2cm


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