This “Fish Bowl” was originally designed by the Swedish glass artist Paul Kedelv (1917-1990). It belongs to the ‘Coquille’ series that he created for the Swedish glass factory Flygsfors in 1952. He worked with Flygfors between 1949 and 1956, but Flygfors continued to produce his designs for a few more years after he left and seeing this example is not signed, it must be from the late 1950's or early 1960's. It is still a beautiful piece and in very good condition.


Flygsfors, which first produced window glass, started to specialize increasingly in multicolored glass in 1952. Thanks to Paul Kedelv’s free-formed creations and his use of bright, contrasting and fashionable colors, Flygfors soon gained a good international reputation. Still to this day, the ‘Coquille’ series has a fresh and modern feel to it.

“Fish” from the ‘Coquille’ series by Paul Kedelv for Flygsfors



Paul Kedelv for Flygfors


1950's- early 60's

Place of origin:





Good. This vintage item in an overall good condition, with tiny traces of time.


Height: 11cm

Width: 33cm

Depth: 21cm