This Scandinavian Modern brutalist vase, was made by Göte Augustsson (1917-2004) in the 1960's for Ruda Glassbruk in Sweden and is part of their 'COBOLT' Series. 


Göte Ulf Vilhelm Augustsson was a Swedish designer and a master of third generation. He was self-taught and had not attended any art schools, nevertheless, his work isto this day represented at several museums, where the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm is one of them.


Ruda Glassbruk (Ruda Glassworks) is mainly known for its glassware from the 1960s, Cobolt, Green Rustic, Demant, Orient and Selena. All the series were produced with carbon cut technique, an old technique where the decor is engraved in the soft carbon molds, then the glass is blown into the molds.


Here is a text from a brochure that came with the products:


Ruda glassworks and the Cobolt series.


"Artistic features in manufacturing characterize the 17 different RUDA products included in the COBOLT series.


The glassworks' production of the blue pieces is based on a completely new technology. We at the mill call it "carbon cut technology".


The designer's, directly engraved in the carbon molds, the imperfection of the molding material, its consistency and gradual wear, give all the glass in the series an individual character - a lasting intrinsic value.


The glass is presented blown or pressed and can in both cases be driven.


The COBOLT series' 17 blue glass - ashtray - plates - sails - bowls - vases - have distinctive patterns and the clear luster is further emphasized in the light of the light penetration.


Enjoy yourself and your friends with the different glass - the blue RUDA glass in the COBOLT series. "

Göte Augustsson Vase for Ruda Glassbruk



Göte Augustsson Vase for Ruda Glassbruk



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Good. This vintage item has no defects.


Height: 22.5cm

Width: 10cm