Framed piece of hand woven fabric, dyed in authentic indigo.


With authentic indigo we mean that it has been dyed using the natural dying method done with leavs from the Canndigofera Tinctoria plant, also called True Indigo. It is a species of plant from the bean family that was one of the original sources of indigo dye. Nowadays the vast majority of indigo colour is obtained from synthetic components.

The True Indigo dye is obtained from the processing of the plant's leaves. They are soaked in water and fermented in order to convert the glycoside indican naturally present in the plant to the blue dye indigotin. The precipitate from the fermented leaf solution is mixed with a strong base such as lye. This is a process that was first recorded in European history in the 13th hundred.


Indigo Nights

  • Material:

    Textile in glass frame. 


    Hand woven and hand dyed in authentic indigo colours


    This is a new item.


    W 74cm x H 54cm


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