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Klar’s orange soap is refined with pure natural essential oil. The citrus-fresh scent of orange has a mood-enhancing and invigorating effect.


Germanys oldest soap manufacturer since 1840.

In 1840, Philipp KLAR began boiling soap in Heidelberg, laying the foundations of the tradition of KLAR soaps that continues to this day. In the now fifth generation, high-quality soap products are manufactured according to the traditional recipes and processes.

For over 180 years Klar Seifen has stood for extraordinary soap products of the highest quality. The soaps are produced according to old and new recipes and processes.


KLAR only use the best ingredients, are 100% vegan and free from Palm oil. 


Thanks to a meticulous process in the making of the soaps, the soaps has an especially thick foam and are dense which makes them last longer.

KLAR Bath Soap | Orange




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