The month plaques are a series of twelve plaques that Bjørn Wiinblad designed between the 1950’s and 60’s. The illustrations tells a story about love, relationships, traditions and the famous Danish weather...

On their own they tell about the month they depict and together they tell a story about a couple that falls in love and have a child. On the back of each plaque there is a title written, which gives you a hint on the theme of the story.

These month plaques has been out of production for many years, but have continued to be popular to this day. Each plaque has its own priceless charm and beauty, created by Bjørn Wiinblads recognizable style.

In Denmark these wall plaques are often given as birthday and anniversary presents.


On this one it says: 'Victoire', which means 'Victory' in French. Why it is written in French, we do not know, we can only guess that seeing it seems like he managed to win over her heart, he has a romantic victory and seeing that they speak French in 'The City of Love' that could be a little wink from Wiinblad this way....




Bjørn Wiinblad (1918-2006)

Danish artist, illustrator, and ceramicist Bjørn Wiinblad was born in Copenhagen in 1918 and exhibited an aptitude for the arts from an early age. He studied graphic arts at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, graduating in 1943. In 1946, Wiinblad joined Nymølle, a Danish pottery manufactory (which Wiinblad would eventually take ownership of in 1976). He opened his own design studio in 1952, and shortly after began designing for the German porcelain company Rosenthal. Wiinblad was appointed Rosenthal’s chief designer in 1957, a position that allowed him to travel across Europe while achieving international recognition.

Instead of designing in a functionalist aesthetic like many of his midcentury contemporaries, Wiinblad espoused a delicate and romantic style that was dominated by a rich color palette and undulating lines, often drawing inspiration from fairy tales. Although best known today for his ceramics, Wiinblad worked across a variety of media. In 1947, he was commissioned by the United States Embassy in Paris to complete a series of posters. It was around this time that he also started a career in costume and set design for the Royal Theater of Copenhagen; including designs for Lysistrata (1949), Undine (1962), and Hans Christian Andersen’s The Swineherd (1969).

Wiinblad’s work has been featured in many museum exhibitions and permanent collections around the world, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

'March' by Bjørn Wiinblad

  • Designer//Maker:

    Bjørn Wiinblad for Nymølle





    Place of origin:



    Good condition, with small traces of time.


    14.5cm Ø

    Care instructions:

    Wipe with dry or damp cloth.

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