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This wall tile was designed and made by the Hungarian designer Joseph Simon for Søholm in the 1970’s. It has a floral design on a beige/grey ground, with brightly coloured blue and red glaze. It is signed by the maker on the front and bears the impressed factory marks to the back.

During its 50 years on this planet, a little piece unfortunately broke off on the corner, it is almost invisible when it is hanging on the wall, but we have adjusted the price because of it. So! Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this collector’s item to a reduced price.


The clay on Bornholm is of a very high quality and therefore Bornholm has always attracted a lot of ceramists. Søholm Pottery was founded in 1835 by Edvard Christian Sonne and Herman Sonne Wolffsen. Through the years different owners managed to keep in touch with times, by hiring some of the top ceramic artists of the times. Many of the greatest ceramics craftsmen and women of Denmark, has at some point either, worked or done apprenticeship at Søholm. Søholm has established itself as one of the top makers of Scandinavia midcentury icons of stoneware.

The factory closed in 1996.

Søholm Wall Tile by Joseph Simon | Denmark | 1970's



Josef Simon

Manufactured at Søholm Pottery



Place of origin:





Beside from the mentioned corners, it is in a good condition.


Height: 42.5cm

Width: 19cm

Thicknesses: 2.1cm


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