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This skin is from The Lüneburg Heide, a nature reserve in Germany. A very natural and stunning looking piece, very suitable to use on the floor, but soft enough to use in a chair as well.


All our sheepskins are of a very high quality, sustainably farmed, free range and naturally tanned. With a few exceptions, they are all from Europe. None of our sheepskinshave been bleached or dyed. You get a long-lasting, natural product, if you choose one of these skins.

Remember, that we make bespoke items of all the skins we have, carpets, cushions, upholstery etc. Come by our boutique to have a chat and see our full selection.


NOTE: Even though we did our best to match the exact color, different screens can show the colors slightly different.

Sheepskin from Lüneburger Heide




Place of origin:



This is a new item.


Longest point: 118cm

Widest point: 79cm


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