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The highest quality wood oil, but even better ...

deCokerije supplies the best natural oils for all types of wood, metal and stone.

For many people, when they say "wood oil", they mean no more than "some oil that you can smear on wood". When we say "wood oil" we mean the highest quality Tung oil. One of the properties of real wood oil (Tung oil) is that it is naturally quite thick and therefore sometimes difficult to process. For that reason, Tung oil is often offered diluted or it is recommended to dilute the oil before application. However, by properly cooking wood oil with a blend of other high-quality natural oils, de Cokerije have succeeded in making high-quality wood oil that contains no solvents, but is thin and easy to process. This improved wood oil is extremely suitable for outdoor work, protects the wood against water and UV radiation, penetrates deep into the wood and therefore protects against aging and drying out.

Thanks to the selected mix of drying substances, this oil also dries evenly, preventing wrinkling surfaces. Lightly sand wood, apply deCokerije wood oil in thin layers with a cloth or brush. Remove excess oil after approx. 20 minutes. Repeat as needed. For indoor and outdoor work.


Improved Wood Oil - de Cokerije 0.5 L



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