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This cushion is a one-of-a-kind artpiece for your sofa.

We only work with high quality and natural materials and in our work we want to create as little waste as possible. Therefore we designed this cushion, as a attractive yet sustainable solution to be made from off-cuts, too small to use for anything, yet still beautiful high quality fabrics and leather. The Monster cushion is made one at the time, placing each little pattern piece to fit the off-cuts to create a unique creation everytime. It is as close to zero-waste as can be, this is why we can keep the price for a unique piece like this, considerably low.



White Monster Cushion | Designed & made in our atelier



Emilie Grubert 


Belgian linen, french and danish wool, danish leather, sheepskin and goats hair velvet

Place of origin:

Made in Belgium 


This is a new item.


52cm Ø

Care instructions:

Do not wash.


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