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Jeffrey VANHILLE and Emilie GRUBERT are a Belgian and Danish couple, running an upholstery atelier and an interior boutique in the center of the UNESCO protected city of Bruges


The atelier does restoration, upholstery, interior design and small furnishings, combined with a small boutique selling own designs, handpicked quality interior items, vintage and new only from European family run and/or socially aware businesses and artisans. In the shop you will find, mid-century design classics, ceramics, pure wool plaids, furniture, and little gifts, such as handmade candles, soaps, stationery, and home textiles.  

Emilie Grubert has a 1st Class honors degree from Central Saint Martins in London and a Masters Degree with Distinction from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art and Design. With her international background, within the design and fashion industry and Jeffrey Vanhille’s special expertise in original restoration of mid-century classics, the aim is to create a unique approach to craft and design, always focusing on the long lasting and sustainable, which goes beyond the obvious layers of what is in fashion at any given time.

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 We believe in objects that are honest and clear enough in form to withstand trends and of a high enough quality to endure time. We believe that the things we surround ourselves with, should offer a sense of belonging through an understanding of what came before and what one wishes to come after.

Long-lasting items that bring joy and make people feel at home in a creative and comfortable environment. 

We always strive to work as sustainably as possible. This means that we, when achievable, always use high quality natural materials, free from harmful substances, Belgian CFK-free foams, sustainably farmed and naturally tanned skins, high quality European produced materials and fabrics and always strive to create as little waste as possible. Our boutique is plastic free and we reuse where we can, but of cause never compromising on the quality.

Because sustainability is also to make something that lasts for many years. 

We also offer our customers beautiful, hand selected vintage items, that can get a new life and new appreciation, without adding more to the global mass of items.

Using mainly European products, makes it possible for us to more easily track our suppliers and their suppliers and make sure they treat the environment, animals and humans with respect, plus it supports the local crafts and businesses.

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In our boutique at Ezelstraat, you can find unique handcrafted design pieces, designed and made in our atelier and a large selection of handpicked vintage piece, mainly from Scandinavia. Next to that we also distribute Filson, Thunders Love socks, woolen plaids by the family run Portuguese company Burel and the socially aware company Teixidors, that delivers wonderful handwoven plaids. We also have a large selection of sheepskins from the Faroe islands, Gotland, France, Iceland and Holland, all in the most stunning natural qualities, handmade beeswax candles, bags, soaps, leather, wood and fabric cleaning and protecting products. We also distribute exquisite wallpapers, wall coverings and rugs by distinguished European designers. 


Except for Filson, all our products are made in Europe, which makes it more simple to get a product you can feel good about and be sure, that the pressure on the environment, animal well-fare and human rights have been kept under control and that it has not been transported half way around the world, before it lands in your hands.

Filson produces extremely high quality products, with a lifelong guarantee. Good strong quality that last a lifetime, also means sustainability. We mainly offer Filson bags and luggage, which has all been produced in Seattle in USA. 

We continuously add new collections and items to our range. 

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what we ALSO do

•Reupholstery and restoration of furniture, new and old

•Restoration of damaged wood on tables, chairs and other furniture

•Construction of bespoke furniture and sound reducing wall panels 

•Bespoke cushions in all sizes and shapes

•Sheepskin carpets from up to 12 skins

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