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This special piece is made at Frank Keramik in Denmark.

Not a lot is known about the Danish pottery “Frank Keramik”, other than the company, got it’s name from owner Frank Rasmussen who operated this small pottery in the 1960s-1970s.

His pottery was slip cast stoneware, and primarily made for the tourist market like many of these smaller makers, but it has gained a whole new audience in the past 10-15 years as pieces have come onto the secondary market and been discovered by a new generation of vintage lovers.

The designs from Frank Keramik usually consist of simple, but very effective repeated geometric patterns of either diamonds or Greek key patterns.


Frank Keramik Bowl



Frank Keramik


1960's or 1970's

Place of origin:



Slip cast stoneware


This is a vintage item, that has a reperation, but other than that, in perfect condition.


Height: 3.5cm

Ø: 17cm


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