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Handwoven thread by thread in Barcelona, from the finest quality European linen. Somber, silky soft and beautiful. 


The linen throw from Teixidors; D’Abord, is not only play on words, meaning First in Catalan, it is also  inspired by the inherent textures of the woven basket, also made by hand and present across cultures and countries. Teixidors pays a small tribute to a trade in which the fabrics and objects invariably present in our lives, are created. 

Linen D'ABORD | Teixidors | Handwoven in Spain

439,00€ Regular Price
310,00€Sale Price

Designed//made by:


Made in:



100% European linen with guaranteed traceability


Length: 180cm 

Width: 140cm   

Care: Dry Clean


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