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This is a fabulous example of a handcrafted Hungarian 'Miska' Wine Jug. These types of jugs were modeled after brave soldiers in the cavalry of the Hungarian army, The Hussar. They celebrate the courage and bravery of the Hussar and were produced throughout the southeastern region of Hungary. They were passed down through generations and used for special occasions such as weddings and funerals.

Each piece is hand painted with intricate braided and embroidered uniform detail and of course the Mustache. We are not certain on the age of this one, since they have been made for quite some time, but our sources tell us around the 1960’s. This type of wine jugs always have a snake or an snake shaped ornament painted on them, which symbolize a warning against drinking in excess.

Hungarian Vintage ‘Miska’ Wine Jug



Unknown to us.


Circa 1960's

Place of origin:



Redware pottery


Good, with slight traces of time


Height: 29cm

Width: 17cm



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