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This unique handmade cushion has been made in our studio from Pierre Frey Fabric designed by Christian Astuguevieille. It is extra long and has a robe piping that reflects the design of the fabric.  


Starting in 1987, Christian Astuguevieille began to design sculpture and furniture in rope. Matter meets meaning when he rolls a rope and sculpts a chair from it; it’s also a story of colors, volume and dreams when he paints and coats this creation. The CORDAGE fabric illustrates this work and the artist’s research with the development of a weave with a surprising volume that closely resembles the original works and the rope that the artist particularly favors. Here, rope seems to wind around the fabric, forming four interlaced loops.

Long Pierre Frey Cordage Cushion | 35cmx83cm

180,00€ Regular Price
110,00€Sale Price


Fabric: Christian Astuguevieillefor Pierre Frey

Cushion by Emilie Grubert



80% cotton 20% linen

Filling: Natural latex

Place of origin:

Fabric made in France

Cushion made in Belgium


This is a new item.


35 cm x 83 cm

Care instructions:

Dry clean only

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