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This plate was designed by the Finnish designer Pertti Santalahti (1941-2015) for Humppila Kumela in Finland in the 1970’s. It is from the 'Kivi' series, Kivi means stones or rocks in Finnish.


Pertti Santalahti worked with Humppila Kumela from 1971 till 1981. 


He graduated in 1962 from the School of Art and Design in the Department of Sculpture in Helsinki and his works have since been exhibited in several exhibitions, including the Finnish Glass Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tampere and the Marjatta Gallery in Oslo.


His works can also be found in several collections, for example in the art collections of the City of Helsinki in Finland, the Finnish Glass Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tampere, the Museum of Applied Arts, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, and in The British Crafts Council in London.


Humppila Glass was founded in Finland in 1952, by three brothers: Jonni, Martti and Olavi Helander, all former glassblowers at Nuutajarvi. In 1970 the company was bought by Rolf Alander. Designers at Humppila during the 1970's included Pertti Santalahti, Kai Blomqvist, Tauno Wirkkala, Henrik Koivula and Vesa Antikainen. Humppila took over the Kumela factory in 1979, and was itself taken over by Nuutajarvi in 1986.

Signed Plate by Pertti Santalahti for Humppila Kumela | Finland | 1970's



Designed by Pertti Santalahti for Humppila Kumela



Place of origin:





This is a vintage item, in good condition.


Height: 3.5cm

Width: 23cm


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