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This vase was produced in Vallauris by Chiapello in the 1950's. The outside of the vase has lava glaze and the inside, a contrasting orange shiny glaze. 


The company Chiapello was founded in the early 1930’s by the French potter Jean-Babtiste Chiapello (1888-1949). The famous Suzanne Ramié, that later came to work closely with Pablo Picasso in Vallauris, did her apprenticeship at Jean-Baptiste Chiapello pottery studio.


Vallauris Pottery is produced in the town Vallauris Golfe Juan situated of the French Riviera near Antibes. Thanks to a clay deposits nearby, it is known as the "city of 100 potters". It is thought to have been famous for it’s pottery all the way back to the roman times, but a pandemic put a stop to its success for a while, only to be continued in the 16th century.

The twentieth century brings its modernization to Vallauris and the activity of the artisanal pottery in the city declines, but in 1948 Pablo Picasso starts to live and work in Vallauris and gives a new impetus to the pottery of Vallauris. The development from ceramics being purely utilitarian, now develops into ceramics becoming art. This attracted many other brilliant artists to the city, including Henri Matisse, Victor Brauner, and Marc Chagall. During the next 25 years, a lot of important work is produced in Vallauris, which is still admired and praised up till this day, for it’s often intriguing, innovative and interesting shapes and glaze.

Vallauris Chiapello Vase



Jean-Babtist Chiapello



Place of origin:





Good. This vintage item show slight traces of time. 


Height: 17cm

Width: 13cm


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